Your Local Lehigh Valley Bakery

The Vallos Bakery

Our bakery is a family-owned business that has been serving the Lehigh Valley with delicious baked goods since 1926. Our story began when our grandparents, Stephanos and Kathleen Skoutelas, bought the bakery from their former employer, the Vallos Baking Company. They moved the bakery from Fountain Hill to Salisbury Township and passed it on to their three sons, Nicholas, George and Gus. In 2005, we took over the bakery and continued their legacy of quality and freshness. We have modernized our equipment, expanded our product line, hired skilled bakers, and delivered our pastries and cakes to satisfied customers. Vallos Bakery is proud to use original recipes that have been handed down for generations and to be one of the Lehigh Valley’s favorite bake shops!

Vallos Bakery Front Stand