3rd generation family owned bakery for over 85 years. Retail Store and Wholesale Delivery. Fresh bakery items made from scratch daily. Wonderful, talented and experienced pastry chef and cake decorator on site.


Vallos Baking Company was operating in Fountain Hill, Bethlehem. After my grandfather moved to the United States, he received a job working in the bakery. When the bakery was for sale, he then decided he wanted to purchase the business and run it with his wife. The bakery was bought by my grandparent’s, Stephanos and Kathleen Skoutelas in 1926 and they moved the business to its current location of Salisbury Township, Bethlehem. What we have to offer:

Now serving fresh coffee/tea/hot chocolate daily!

With a hot beverage purchase you would receive 1 free donut.

We have several different flavored coffees to choose from.

coffee at vallos bakery